We are Field Office Architecture, an award-winning Architecture and interior design practice based in Melbourne. Our focus is simple; how can quality design provide a template for you to live better lives.

We believe in design that resists trends and arbitrary shape making, instead pursuing restrained, timeless and sustainable principles with an emphasis on quality and ease of living. With a focus on light, form and materiality, our projects are seamlessly connected with nature, well crafted and built to endure.

Passionately dedicated to sustainable and regenerative architecture, we strive to incorporate environmentally progressive design practices in all of our projects. To us this means design that is robust and built to stand the test of time, whilst using what we can of our natural environment to help create quality spaces that are light-filled, passively ventilated and thermally comfortable.

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— Simple, Meaningful & Enduring

We create buildings and environments that do the simple things really well; light and shadow, material, scale, aspect, contrast as you move from different spaces to each other or how the building responds to certain views. On any project, there’ll be hundreds of small decisions that we’ve made that may be hard to see, but add up to more than the sum of their parts.

— Sustainability

As overseers of an industry that uses a huge amount of resources, we believe we have an obligation to use those resources responsibly. For us, this means working to create architecture that touches the earth as lightly as possible.

Our projects are robust and built to stand the test of time, whilst integrating what we can of our natural environment to help create quality spaces that are light-filled, passively ventilated and thermally comfortable.

We are always researching and testing new technologies and resources that help develop sustainable principles further. Please see our Clifton Hill Terraces project which was recently lauded as the key precedent for Yarra City Council for Zero Carbon Development.

— Client-Centric Approach

It’s a privilege for us to be asked to design buildings for people, and at the core of the practice is a people-first approach. Our role is to understand and design for you; your lifestyle, priorities, challenges and desires. By putting you at the centre of our approach, we create spaces that reflect how you want to live.

— Quality & Craftsmanship

Our projects are characterised by a sensitive approach to materials and an intuitive understanding of construction and detail. Our process is both meticulous and exploratory, underpinned by research, technical expertise and collaborative dialogue with clients, consultants and constructors.

— Site-Specific and Unique Design

Although each of our projects adheres to a shared ethos, every design stands as a singular creation. Each arises from a deep understanding of a project’s site and location, historical context, materiality, and above all, the client’s vision.

— Collaboration

We see our job primarily as listening. We understand that very often, we’re working with people’s life savings, so it’s critical for us that we are actively working alongside you, openly and collaboratively. We’re not just imposing a design on the client; for us it must be a genuine collaboration for it to be a truly successful outcome.


What we can help you with:

— Full Architectural delivery
— Feasibility studies
— Interior design
— Bushfire compliant design in rural & coastal areas
— Town planning applications, including heritage sensitive & complex sites

Chris Barnes

Chris studied Architecture at the University of Melbourne and was a Senior Associate at BVN Architecture prior to starting Field Office Architecture. With close to 20 years of industry experience, Chris has earned a reputation for his innovative and sustainable designs that blend functionality, aesthetic beauty, and environmental responsibility.

Chris seeks to create work that is sophisticated and elegant, with a focus on creating spaces that are both practical and refined. He has a strong attention to detail and a passion for sustainable design that has led him to become a leader in the field, advocating for environmentally progressive practices in architecture and sharing his knowledge with the wider community.


Nicolas Gutierrez

Nic studied Architecture at the University of Melbourne and has an impressive career spanning over 16 years. Nic has successfully led award-winning projects across the residential sector, delivering challenging, beautiful, and sustainable outcomes. Nicolas has a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Nic’s passion lies with designing to enhance the human experience. Having designed, documented and administered construction contracts for of all sizes and budgets for over 17 years, Nic has a very deep level of empathy and strong instincts when it comes to the way we use our built environment, and strongly believes in a holistic ‘exterior informs interior informs exterior’ approach.

Ashlea Hughes

Ashlea is an Associate at Field Office Architecture and a registered architect with over 10 years of experience. She believes the best architecture is not just beautiful – it is refined, considered and responsible.

People thrive in well designed spaces and Ashlea is committed to playing her part in those transformations.

India Mitchell
Project Architect

As an Architect India is passionate about the built realm and the way that it interacts with our natural environment. She was drawn to architecture initially through a desire to understand the interaction between buildings and the landscape.

Through education and professional experience, this interest has developed into a passion for social and environmental sustainability as well as the user experience within architecture.

Bonnie Robin
Studio Manager

With a background in landscape architecture and urban design, Bonnie has worked across a broad range of projects from hidden laneway gardens to master planning urban centres. Bonnie is passionate about biophilic design and continues to question how design can work to improve human connection to nature.

In her role as Studio Manager, Bonnie works to ensure as a business, Field Office Architecture continues to strive for innovation and adaptability within forever-changing global conditions.

2023 Finalist – Tote Bar & Dining
Commercial, Community & Public Award – ArchiTeam Awards

2021 Finalist – Clifton Hill Terraces
Multi Residential Excellence in Timber Applications – Timber Design Awards

2020 Finalist – Chris Barnes
Merit Rising Star Award – Timber Design Awards

2020 Finalist – Phoenix House Grampians
Residential Architecture New Build – Sustainability Awards

2020 Finalist – Brunswick East House
Residential Additions + Alterations – Sustainability Awards

2019 Commendation – Clifton Hill Terraces
Residential Architecture New Build – ArchiTeam Awards

2019 Finalist – Clifton Hill Terraces
Residential Architecture New Build – ArchiTeam Awards

2019 Finalist – Clifton Hill Terraces
Multi Residential New Build – Sustainability Awards

2019 Winner – Clifton Hill Terraces
Sustainability Awards Yarra City Council

2018 Finalist – Mount Macedon House
Residential Architecture New Build – Houses Magazine Awards