Mount Macedon House

Mount Macedon House was a significant and challenging design opportunity, with a complex site, strict bushfire protection regulations and specific client brief all playing an important role in the final project outcome.

A long, yet narrow site, it is nestled into the side of Mount Macedon with sweeping views across bushland to the north and north east in a very tranquil and restful setting.

There is a fairly significant fall across the site, so it was decided very early in the design process that the dwelling would need to be elevated at some point as to immerse itself amongst the surrounding views and vegetation, whilst also providing on grade access if required. It was important to the owner as well that the site not be over-excavated, but rather emerge gently out of the existing landscape.

The corten cladding, which was designed bespoke for this project by the architects, wraps around the dwelling, providing the required bushfire screening to glazing, and the ability to be opened and closed as needed. Behind this rich, earthy material are the more discrete sleeping and study spaces which are towards the rear of the dwelling, allowing for the living and social spaces to be read as far more transparent and exposed, breaking out towards the north and north-east elevations. Screening along the east provides some visual protection from the neighbouring properties whilst not compromising any of the views or natural light, which fills the living space and kitchen from morning until late afternoon.

A rooftop deck is the final touch, providing 360 views of this tranquil landscape.

Project Type

Residential New Build


Chris Barnes, Nick Crawford


Seventy7 Projects




Dan Farrar

Press + Awards

2018 Houses Awards Shortlisted
2017 Architeam Awards Publication
2017 ArchDaily Feature
2017 Habitat Magazine
2017 Lunchbox Architect
2017 DesignBoom
2017 Architecture AU
2017 Design Milk
2017 Dwell Magazine
2018 Architecture & Design