Fitzroy North Terrace

Fitzroy North Terrace by Field Office Architecture exemplifies a meticulous fusion of historic charm and contemporary design interventions, establishing a harmonious and light-flooded residence for a young and creative family.

A previous renovation of the stately Victorian Terrace 15 years earlier had failed to introduce more natural light and a covert connection to nature — two fundamental pillars of the client brief to Field Office Architecture. These, in tandem with a focus on sustainable performance, have helped shape Fitzroy North Terrace into an enduring and light-filled forever home

While the exterior of the residence’s rear volume and a new garage and guest accommodation are intentionally restrained to stained silver-top ash cladding and reclaimed bricks, the interior is a careful curation of surface textures, tones and expressions including sandstone, terrazzo, ceramic tiles and rich walnut veneer. In unity, these seamlessly converse with the period ambience of the front volume, find an accord with the family’s preference for subtly eclectic furniture and styling, and accentuate the botanical ambience of the garden that becomes an extension of the living and kitchen zone.

The strategic optimisation of programming, including the cultivation of quality spaces that are passively ventilated and thermally comfortable, ensures that every element has its place within the home. This careful consideration of daily living patterns and personal rituals has resulted in a home that radiates ease and delight, providing an ideal environment for both rejuvenation and fulfilment.

Fitzroy North Terrace serves as a thoughtfully crafted homage to the concept of ikigai, manifesting an architectural embodiment of refined Australian contemporary living.



Project Type

Additions & Alterations


Chris Barnes, Ashlea Hughes






Tom Ross


Jessica Lillico