FOA Journal 04 – January 2020

Hey friends. First Journal for the new year, and it couldn’t be a crazier time to do it.

We’ve had a really good start to the year, with some great milestones, new projects, and others starting on site.

However, like many right now, we’re looking at the world with a sense of uncertainty as to what will unfold over the coming weeks and months. It’s certainly a strange feeling out there.

As far as the practice is concerned, it’s still business as usual as we continue to deliver a series of exciting projects that we’re really loving, and take on new ones.

In terms of our operations, they continue as normal, however, we’ve made the decision for the team to work from home for the immediate future. We will still be making ourselves available for all meetings and site visits.

We’re fortunate enough to be a small nimble team with experience and systems in place for remote work, and whilst we are concerned about the events around us, nothing will change as far as our work is concerned

Last week, the latest Sanctuary Magazine it the shelf, and it contained a massive feature of our Clifton Hill Terraces project. The completion of these two sustainable dwellings were a massive highlight for us for us last year, and we are still very appreciative of our wonderful clients, Diana and Amaryll who were willing to pursue such a bold brief. If you can’t get your hands on a hard copy, please check out this link to read. You can also find more information on the project in this link here.

Looking forward to chatting soon,

Chris + Team FOA

PS: Oh one last thing… I thought it’d be nice to show you my current inspiration. From desk at home, I now have my 20 month old daughter Orla’s first ever pieces artwork to keep me motivated….