FOA Journal 05 – April 2020

We hope that you’re all going well, keeping safe and healthy and are hopefully in a good place with regard to your work and family life.

In many ways, it’s business as usual for FOA. We’re in the process of wrapping up two projects on-site that will likely finish up in the next month or so. We have another exciting one which is in the early stages of construction and is showing no signs of slowing down, and a series of very promising, and nicely challenging projects in the design phase.

Like most, we’ve been hit with some small hurdles as a result of covid-19, but overall, we’re counting ourselves fortunate to be in the position we are in and still feel optimistic¬†about the year ahead. We’re also thinking about our own challenges in the great scheme of things and just how minor they are compared to all the various situations many are facing around the world.

It is worth noting that we feel quite strongly that now is a great time to start working towards any project that you may have had planned for the year ahead. Architecture and projects take time, and we see this as the perfect opportunity to get ahead, and be in a really great position when the market fires up again.¬†We’re not sure exactly what things will look like when this is all over, but we are confident that there will be some great opportunities for those that are ready.

As I mentioned in our last correspondence, we’ve all been working from home this past month or so, and it’s been going really well. In case you were wondering what this looks like (I’m sure you’re dying to know…), here’s a snapshot…

In media news, we were interviewed for a podcast by The Design Emotive alongside Jean Graham from Winter Architecture on the topic of collaboration, particularly in the context of our Elsternwick House. If you’d like a listen, please click on the link below. It was 40 degrees the day we shot the video for this, so please keep that in mind when you see our shiny faces glisten…

>> Link here