FOA Journal 3

Hey there.

It’s been about 2 years in the making, but we’re wrapt to say that we finally have a new Field Office Architecture website. Which means that we also have new goofy looking pictures of all us (care of the great work by Kristoffer Paulsen). Credits for the website go to SPGD to also did a wonderful job.

Feel free to visit the new site right here.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly browser-tab-minimalist, then we made a quick video for you. Just click on the big play arrow below…

The process of creating a website that ultimately defines your practice (or thereabouts), is a tricky one, much harder than I imagined that it would be. We worked pretty closely with the designer, and it’s fair to say that the path taken along the way did take a few detours. I think the biggest challenge is the urge to scream out to your audience, “look at every single thing we’ve done. And here’s a whole bunch of other stuff here too!”. We had to remind ourselves at some critical points, not to chase the bright shiny object, and to strip everything back to its core necessity.

Which is probably a good metaphor for the way we approach design in architecture. We preach simplicity, calm and restrained material palettes, and an emphasis on functionality. We hope that’s been achieved here…

In other news, we were thrilled on Wednesday night to pick up a Commendation award for Clifton Hill Terraces in the Residential New category at the ArchitTeam Awards. We were amongst some great talent and wonderful projects in this category which had a number of entrants, so needless to say it was humbling and a great honour to pick up this award.

This is now the third piece of recognition for Clifton Hill Terraces, also a winner at the Yarra City Council Sustainability Awards, and a finalist at the InDesign Sustainability Awards.